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#TruthIsNotHate the album, has hit most digital stores and it's almost time to tour. Stay tuned for info about show dates and new merchandise at 

A November To Remember.... 

The month of November is usually my prime time considering me being born on the 15th. The last two have been strange. Hell, in 2016 I learned of my first and only child being on the way right after I sat and made an 18 month business plan that obviously didn't include that event LOL. This will be my first November with a child and recovering broken leg and ankle. My show schedule is definitely a strong one and the #TruthIsNotHate album will arrive on my birthday as a gift to the game for holding my spot. Peace and blessings to all!

Black Business part 1 

I'm literally going to post one thing to think about. Why do black operated festivals think it's ok to pay everybody but the talent? This is from my own experiences....

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